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9th August 2022
9 affordable home remedies for dogs with arthritis
If your dog has been diagnosed with arthritis, you will already know it’s a common problem that can't be cured. Sadly,
Health & Wellness
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2nd August 2022
How to get rid of fleas on dogs and cats
Most dogs and cats will pick up fleas at some point in their life. And these pesky parasites can cause real problems for
Health & Wellness
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12th July 2022
Why is my cat peeing all over the house?
Unusual urination inside the house is quite common. But sometimes, it’s also a sign that your cat needs a trip to the vet.&
Health & Wellness
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11th July 2022
Cat DNA Tests - How curiosity can save the cat!
We’ve all been there, those moments where we lovingly stare at our pets smiling when they do something silly or endearing.
Health & Wellness
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21st June 2022
Grass seed dangers to cats and dogs
During the summer season, grass seeds are in abundance and can cause all sorts of problems to dogs and cats.   
Pet Safety
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13th May 2022
BBQ Safety - 9 Top Tips for Pet Parents
The sun is shining, the weather is sweet and that means BBQ season is well and truly upon us. What's better than the siz
Coffee Break
9th May 2022
Fiona's Favourite Pet Facts
We all love discovering new things about our four-legged family members. Am I right? And after 23 years on the frontline as a
Health & Wellness
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2nd May 2022
Buddycare and Basepaws join forces to prevent disease and promote cat health
Buddycare and Basepaws, two purpose-driven companies passionate about pet health, have joined together to make affordable at-
Health & Wellness
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3rd December 2021
Hoping for a less stressful future for your loved ones? Don't forget the family pet!
The last two years will certainly be chronicled in the annals of history as some of the most turbulent times humankind has ev

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