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Staffordshire Bull Terrier
15th November 2023
Ultimutt Breed Guide - Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Staffordshire Bull Terriers, often fondly referred to as "Staffies", have captured the hearts of dog lovers worldwide.They ar
Health & Wellness
Happy pet dog chewing dental stick
6th November 2023
The crucial role of natural dental chews in your dog's health
As a responsible dog owner, ensuring the health and well-being of your four-legged friend is a top priority.While regular exe
Buddy Breed Guide
American XL Bully Puppy Dog
31st October 2023
XL Bully Ban: Everything you need to know
On September 15th, the Prime Minister announced that American bully XL types will be added to the list of dog breed types ban
Health & Wellness
Website - Blog Main Image
27th October 2023
Why worms are every pet parents worst nightmare
It’s spooky season! So, sit back and settle in to hear a horror story that’s sure to make your skin crawl!  As
Buddy Breed Guide
Cute English Cocker Spaniel Indoors. Pet Friendly Hotel
3rd October 2023
The Ultimutt Dog Breed Guide - Cocker Spaniel
Did you know that Cocker Spaniels and their crosses are one of the most beloved and desired breeds in the UK? These adorable
Tabby kitten being held by owner
21st September 2023
First time owners guide to raising a kitten
Adopting a new kitten is a really exciting time for anyone. But before you commit, let's make sure you're ready to becom
Health & Wellness
Dog and cat running in grass in sun
13th September 2023
How to keep pets cool and avoid heatstroke
Heat stroke is a type of hyperthermia, which refers to an extremely high body temperature that can be life-threatening. 
Health & Wellness
Cute cat and dog sleeping
5th September 2023
The importance of looking after your pet's skin and coat 
The general condition of your pet’s skin and coat is a good indicator of their overall health.  One of the main w
Health & Wellness
Beagle dog biting his itchy skin on legs
17th August 2023
Itchy skin in dogs - symptoms and causes
There are so many reasons why dogs itch, and sometimes their skin can flare up even more in the summertime.  As tem
Health & Wellness
A poodle wrapped in toilet paper sitting on toilet
9th August 2023
Diarrhoea and vomiting in dogs - common causes and treatment
Diarrhoea and vomiting are common reasons for emergency admissions in pets. As pet parents, it's crucial to recognise the sym
Cute beagle dog in car
3rd August 2023
Taking your dog on holiday from UK - EU
Travelling from the UK to Europe with your dog has become more complicated and changed quite a bit since Brexit. However
Health & Wellness
Main Blog Image - Old Yellow Lab
20th July 2023
Managing arthritis in dogs
Arthritis is sadly a life-long condition, so our duty as pet parents is to manage it, not cure it. Luckily there are lot
Buddy Breed Guide
Main Blog Image - Funny photo of Labrador retriever underwater swimming
12th July 2023
The Ultimutt Dog Breed Guide - Labrador Retriever
The fun-loving, friendly Labrador Retriever is one of the most beloved dog breeds in the UK.  And let’s keep it r
Health & Wellness
Main Blog Image - Man stroking peaceful looking dog
5th July 2023
The mental health benefits of owning a pet
As if being a pet parent wasn’t rewarding enough, it comes with some amazing health benefits! Pets are proven to reduc
Main Blog Image - Happy puppy
13th June 2023
First time owners guide to raising a puppy
Bringing your new puppy home is one of the best feelings in the world, but it isn’t without its challenges!It can be a very
Pet Insurance
Main Blog Image - Young woman with dog lay on lap looking for pet insurance online
8th June 2023
Pet Insurance without the fluff - a complete guide
What is pet insurance?Pet insurance is just like the insurance you take out for your phone or car, but it's for your pet.If y
Buddy Breed Guide
Main Blog Image - miniature dachshund in dandelions
1st June 2023
10 things to know before getting a Dachshund
Cute, slinky, sweet and full of personality, there's lots to love about the beloved sausage dog!  Is it any wonder
Breaking Mews
Main Blog Image - Fat furry cat laying on back
18th May 2023
Chonky cats – the cute trend with catastrophic consequences!
Whether you find them entertaining or not, you’ve more than likely seen some “chonky cats” whilst scrolling on social m
Health & Wellness
Main Blog Image - Surprised cat in the garden
9th May 2023
Spring dangers for cats
Spring has sprung and It’s time to dust off the winter blues and get out in the fresh air!Great mews for our feline friends
Health & Wellness
Main Blog Image - Dog and cat in grass
4th May 2023
How often do cats and dogs need worming?
How do we know when we should be worming our dogs and cats in the UK? There are so many different factors to consider and a r
Main Blog Image - Dog and cat eating from bowls with owner pouring dry pet food into bowl
18th April 2023
Can you save money by giving better nutrition to your pets?
Just like our household bills and what feels like everything else recently, the cost of pet products is soaring.  &
Main Blog Image - tuft grooming app image
11th April 2023
Tuft App: Simplifying Dog Grooming with Convenient Mobile Booking
As a dog owner, finding a reliable groomer can be a challenging and time-consuming task. You want someone who is trustworthy,
Health & Wellness
Main Blog Image - Siberian Husky being washed with shower head in bath tub
4th April 2023
Why grooming is great for your dog's health
Whether you’re a DIY dog groomer, or your pooch gets pampered at the salon the benefits of grooming are endless.  
Health & Wellness
Main Blog Image - Dog taking supplement from pipette
31st March 2023
Nutraceuticals for pets - why they're the dogs b*llocks!
Well, I certainly hope that got your attention because as a veterinary nurse, I want more pet owners to know why nutraceutica
Health & Wellness
Main Blog Image - Cat and dog touching heads on grass
20th March 2023
Tick Bite Prevention Week 2023 – Everything you need to know 
Tick Bite Prevention Week takes place in March every year to raise awareness about ticks and the diseases they can cause.&nbs
Health & Wellness
Main Blog Image - Schnauzer puppy in spring field
15th March 2023
Springtime dangers for dogs
After hibernating indoors over the long winter months, it feels good waking up to brighter days and getting back outside
Health & Wellness
Main Blog Image - Ginger cat chewing toothbrush
28th February 2023
Why is pet dental health so important?
Lately, there's been a lot of chatter about the importance of dental health in the pet parenting world. And it’s a breath o
Main Blog Image - Cat grooming himself licking his paw
17th February 2023
How to help your cat with stress and anxiety
If there is one thing i‘ve learned as a vet nurse and full-time hostage of cats is that they can be sensitive little floofy
Main Blog Image - Sad labrador retriever lying on floor
10th February 2023
How to support your dog with stress and anxiety
We are more aware than ever before about how our pets are feeling.The last few years especially allowed us to get even closer
Breaking Mews
Main Blog Image - Dog with vegan and meat food
26th January 2023
Vegan Pet Food – Gen Z Fad or Genuinely Good?
 Plant-based diets are on the rise and not just among humans, vegan food has made its way into our pet's bowls too! 
Breaking Mews
Main Blog Image - Top secret image of blurred Buddycare products
23rd January 2023
How Buddy plans to change the future of pet health
Oh no, the cats out of the bag! Hello human, we see you've found the brand-new arrivals to our pet health product range
Health & Wellness
Dog and Cat Playing in Snow
4th January 2023
How to care for your pet's skin during winter
Billions of pounds are spent on human skincare in the UK every year.   But as the temperature drops, the nights get
Pet Safety
Main Blog Image - Cat and two dogs under a blanket in front of a Christmas tree
14th December 2022
Christmas dangers every pet parent should be aware of
Christmas is an exciting time for everyone in the family, and even more so for our furry members! There’s luminous lights,
Health & Wellness
Main Blog Image - Grey scottish fold cat sleeping under duvet
5th December 2022
How to keep your cat happy and healthy in winter
Winter is here and the weather outside is frightful indeed, even for our floofiest of friends!Cats have unique care needs and
Health & Wellness
Main Blog Image - A cute golden retriever puppy learning potty training
23rd November 2022
What is a worm egg count and are they worth it?
Worm egg counts are becoming more popular amongst pet parents and vet experts, and it’s easy to see why.  If you'
Health & Wellness
Main Blog Image - Yorkshire terrier dog in snow wearing checkered coat
14th November 2022
Tips to keep your dog's joints healthy this winter
Your pooch might be healthy and happy in summer time when it’s warm, but this can change when the cold weather hits! &
Health & Wellness
Main Blog Image - Dog teeth
26th October 2022
5 terrifying consequences of ignoring your pet's dental health
Whether you have a cat or a dog, dental health is something that should be taken seriously from the get-go. Whilst we kn
Health & Wellness
Main Blog Image - Scared dog with ears covered by human hands
20th October 2022
7 sounds that may be scaring your dog
Similar to humans, most dogs don’t like lots of sudden loud noises. That’s because dogs' ears are far more sensitive
Golden hound and british short hair cut asleep cuddling
14th October 2022
Vet nurse recommendations – Pet essentials you should have at home
As a registered vet nurse, I’ve naturally accumulated a plethora of pets over the last two decades! It’s just one of
Girl hugging and kissing dogs head
30th September 2022
4 simple ways to save money on pet care
Recently, there have been a number of articles about pet abandonment due to the cost-of-living crisis.With winter approaching
Health & Wellness
Cute dog and cat lying on grass
12th August 2022
The best flea and tick prevention for cats and dogs
If you're a pet parent, then you already know that fleas and ticks are no laughing matter. Not only do these problematic
Health & Wellness
Main Blog Image - Fluffy grey cat and large flea shadow
10th August 2022
8 frightening flea facts you need to know!
Fleas are every pet parent's nightmare and they are a problem almost everywhere! The more you understand about fleas, th
Health & Wellness
Old dog looking to the side
9th August 2022
9 ways to help a dog with arthritis at home
If your dog has been diagnosed with arthritis, you will already know it’s a common problem that can't be cured. Sadly,
Health & Wellness
Tick and flea spot-on treatment being given to fluffy dog
2nd August 2022
How to get rid of fleas on dogs and cats
Most dogs and cats will pick up fleas at some point in their life. And these pesky parasites can cause real problems for
Main Blog Image - Tabby cat urinating on floor
12th July 2022
Why is my cat peeing all over the house?
Unusual urination inside the house is quite common. But sometimes, it’s also a sign that your cat needs a trip to the vet.&
Health & Wellness
Main Blog Image - Woman holding her tabby cat in her arms
11th July 2022
Cat DNA Tests - How curiosity can save the cat!
We’ve all been there, those moments where we lovingly stare at our pets smiling when they do something silly or endearing.
Pet Safety
Main Blog Image - A blurry picture of a dog behind a grass seed.
21st June 2022
Grass seed dangers to cats and dogs
During the summer season, grass seeds are in abundance and can cause all sorts of problems to dogs and cats.   
Pet Safety
Main Blog Image - Happy friends with dog having a barbeque
13th May 2022
BBQ Safety - 9 top tips for pet parents
The sun is shining, the weather is sweet and that means BBQ season is well and truly upon us. What's better than the siz
Coffee Break
Main Blog Image - Golden retriever and ginger and white short hair cat cuddling
9th May 2022
6 amazing facts about pets you probably didn't know
We all love discovering new things about our four-legged family members. Am I right? And after 23 years on the frontline as a
Main Blog Image - A cat being swabbed in the mouth with a cotton bud by a veterinary professional
2nd May 2022
Buddy and Basepaws join forces to prevent disease and promote cat health
Buddy and Basepaws, two purpose-driven companies passionate about pet health, have joined together to make affordable at-home
Main Blog Image - A small dog sat next to a hoover surrounded by torn paper on the carpet
3rd December 2021
How to ease your dog's post-pandemic separation anxiety
The last two years will certainly be chronicled in the annals of history as some of the most turbulent times humankind has ev

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