Buddy and Basepaws join forces to prevent disease and promote cat health

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Buddy and Basepaws, two purpose-driven companies passionate about pet health, have joined together to make affordable at-home cat health testing accessible for all cat parents.

Pet wellness start-up, Buddy launched this year by three vets on a mission to prevent the hospitalisation of pets. Their goal is simple " to empower pet parents to create the best life possible for their pets through education, services and products.

Both Buddy and Basepaws believe in getting ahead of health risks and avoiding emergency vet visits by identifying disease early. The shared values and beliefs of both brands is what led to this collaboration to promote proactive pet care.

Basepaws was founded in 2018 by Anna Skay and gives cat parents vital information through at-home cat health testing. They have since become industry leaders focusing on feline genetic and dental health.

Additionally, the company currently participates in numerous research studies promoting feline health and wellness. "At Basepaws, we are on a mission to accelerate pet parents' control of being proactive in their pet's health journey" said Kristin Wuhrman, EVP, Vet Strategy & Operations of Basepaws.

Using the Basepaws Breed + Health DNA test, cat owners can learn about their feline's genetic similarity to a number of breeds, as well as analyze their risk for genetic health conditions.

Buddy is the only organisation in the UK to offer this product along with free follow up sessions and wellness consults. Reports are sent over to their registered vet nurses who will arrange a consultation with clients to discuss the results.

With the rapid growth of pet ownership rising even further due to the pandemic, paired with a flexible attitude towards how we work, there is high demand for home care solutions that allow pet parents to take control of their pets' health.

Through their digital platform, Buddy aims to address these challenges by equipping pet owners with advice and support, anytime anywhere.

Combining innovative products and services, the start-up intends to ease the burden of pet care costs by helping pet parents understand and mitigate the risks associated with ill health of their pets.

"We know that pet parents love their companions unconditionally and want to give them the best life possible. As pet parents ourselves, we do everything in our power to help support this. We are therefore extremely delighted to partner up with Basepaws and help cat parents be there for their feline friends before they get poorly and need a vet." said Silvia Janska, vet CEO at Buddy.

With Basepaws, you can have peace of mind and stay one step ahead of any potential threats to your cat's health. 

Pet parents without a Basepaws test can still book unlimited free consultations with a registered vet nurse (RVN) anytime here. Our RVNs are available to discuss nutrition, dental health, skin issues, behaviour, exercise and weight loss management, plus much more.


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