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Cat DNA Tests - How curiosity can save the cat!

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We’ve all been there, those moments where we lovingly stare at our pets smiling when they do something silly or endearing.  

But then suddenly, you’re hit with those heart-breaking intrusive thoughts, reminding you that one day they won't be here. Why brain WHY?! Is there a worse feeling in the entire world?!  

We all want our furbabies to live forever, and although that sadly isn’t possible, we CAN help extend their lives. Sound like meowgic? Well, we pawmise this isn’t a bunch of hocus pocus.  

It’s real, thanks to ground-breaking science and a team of brilliant-minded pet-loving pioneers. In the words of Breaking Bads Jessie Pinkman, “Yeah Science!”  

DNA tests have become quite popular in recent years, for humans and hairy companions alike. Now, you can find out more about your cat from the comfort of your home!  

Basepaws are the creators of the world’s first affordable, easy-to-use, at-home oral health test for cats.   

All it takes is a little bit of saliva and you can help your companion live their longest, healthiest, and happiest life.  

Basepaws have seen so much success, that they are now building their canine research and development program to help even more pawrents and their beloved fur families.  

If you want to know your pet better, avoid emergency vet visits and identify disease early, keep reading! 

What does the Basepaws test do?




We all like to think we know our pets inside out. Of course, we know their favourite snacks, which toy they can’t live without and that they prefer our bed to theirs.  

But our favourite felines are way more complex than what they show us on the surface. 

Cats have developed a deep instinct to hide their pain and discomfort, as this makes them appear weak. Therefore, making them easy targets for predators. 

Because of this, most felines won’t raise a paw or give you a mew to tell you something is wrong. 

Well, what if we told you that you could find out more about your pet’s traits, ancestry and breed? And even if they’re more lion or tiger? 

Even better, what if you could access secrets about their health and get ahead of any diseases? And all with a single swab done from your sofa! 

That’s precisely what the Basepaws Breed & Health Cat DNA Test does! Your cat's breed influences their personality, temperament and, most importantly, hereditary genetic health conditions. 


Different breeds also have different needs! So, the more you know about your best friend, the more proactive you can be when it comes to pet care. 

The test screens your cats' DNA for 25 genetic traits, which fall into five categories: coat length, coat colour and pattern, coat texture, body morphology, and susceptibility to viral infection. 

As well as finding out why your cat is the way they are and what diseases they may be predisposed to, it also uncovers more about their dental health.  

Dental disease is one of the most common problems for cats.

It's estimated that 80% of cats over three years old show signs of dental disease. If left untreated, a dental condition could turn into an emergency vet appointment that sets you back hundreds or even thousands of pounds. 


Not to mention, your cat may be suffering in silence which will have detrimental effects on its overall well-being and health. 

How much does a test cost?




Costs vary depending on where and who you purchase the test from and which test you buy. There are three tests in total, but the one we’ve touched on in this blog is the Breed + Health test. 

If your report reveals any cat health risks, we can provide you with affordable, actionable advice for proactive precision care.  

You can then take the findings to your vet for further visual examination of your cat during their next wellness examine. 

The report will help them to determine any additional steps to take with you to support your cat’s care regimen. 

Why Basepaws?



Along with being a female-founded company (who runs the world?) Basepaws are recommended by veterinarians AND approved by scientists. 


They have partnered with talented teams of geneticists, veterinarians, industry professionals, and visionaries from all around the world to move closer to the future of eliminating any preventable feline disease. 

Why did you ask? Well, they have one goal - improving the lives of pets and their guardians worldwide!

And they don’t just help pet parents. They use their knowledge, science, connections, and passion to support animal rescue organisations, shelters, and TNR programs too! 

Now that’s a company we’re purroud to get behind! 


How hard is it to do the test?




The hardest part is getting into your cat’s mouth. Best of luck with that! Even the calmest of cats may be scared when they see the strange looking swab coming their way.  

The good news is, it only takes a few seconds to get a reliable sample of DNA. The bad news? You won't be able to bribe your cat with treats beforehand or dip the swab in something delicious. 


Why? Basepaws state that you can’t swab your cat's cheek within 30 minutes of them drinking or eating anything. 

Thankfully you only have to keep the swab in your cat's mouth for 5 to 10 seconds. And if this is proving a challenge, fear not! 

According to their website, Basepaws can still “reliably obtain good quality DNA if the swab is in the cat’s mouth for as little as three to five seconds - as long as you manage to make proper contact with the inner cheek, gums, and/or tongue”.

Check out this helpful video here to see how to do the test. 

Even if you are able to swipe it across the teeth or stick it into the cheek and swirl it once for 3-5 seconds, that’s all you need!

If you’re still struggling and want to stay scratch free, wrapping your cat in a towel is a great way to keep them calm and protect yourself from claws. 

We suggest seeking help from another human for this part! 

Never rush or force your cat into a towel! The last thing you want to do is cause any stress or panic. There are several toweling-the-cat techniques online that you can use. 

Once you’ve done the test, the rest is easy peasy. Just pop it into the pre-paid envelope, post it and patiently wait for your report (which will be available within 4-6 weeks).

Important reminder: Remember to register on the Basepaws website before you post the DNA test. We also suggest taking a photo of the liquid swab container with your cats unique code, just for reference. 


So, is it really worth it?




We absolutely think so! Not only does it have the power to help extend your cats life, but it has even saved lives! Seriously, you can read "Baby’s Story" here.  

Just like the Basepaws team, we pride pet wellbeing above everything at Buddy

Our goal is to empower pet parents to stay ahead of health risks and avoid emergency vet visits by identifying disease early. 

And the Breed + Health test is the perfect tool to help you do that. 

Not only does it provide valuable insight, but it can also help you make informed decisions to support your feline friend’s optimal health. 

And it can save you heaps of money in the long run! What’s not to love?


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