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How Buddy plans to change the future of pet health

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Oh no, the cats out of the bag! Hello human, we see you've found the brand-new arrivals to our pet health product range - Our Buddy supplements! 

Our supplements are made from a blend of natural ingredients and packed to the brim with health-boosting benefits for your buddy. 

Everything you see has been hand-picked by our veterinary professionals who have decades of experience healing pets and improving lives.

Whether it be in vet practices, on farms, in stables or even online! 

Our experts know what goes into a pawsome pet health product. That’s why they’re using their expertise to help more pets live their best lives. 

Our team of vets and registered vet nurses have personally chosen each item because they’re safe and they work.

We only champion products that are backed by science and proven to do what it says on the tin (or in our case, lovely little tub!)

We firmly stand behind our new supplements and we even use them to keep our own furry family members happy and healthy! Yes, really, just ask Wingnut!

We’ve made three pawsitively wonderful changes to our new product range: 


1. Specially Formulated Supplements 



You asked, we listened! Along with our flea and tick treatments, worming products and cat DNA kits, we’ve now added supplements and general care products to the mix.

We developed this new range to improve pet wellbeing and health, promote resistance to disease, reduce stress and anxiety and much more! 

Each product has been mindfully selected to solve some of the most common health conditions that impact both pets and pawrents.

This includes supplements for Behavioural Support, Digestive Care, Dental Healthcare and Joint Care

We’ve also got products for general routine pet care including Ear Care, Liver Care and L-Lysine for cats, which can be used for respiratory support. 

We’ve made sure there’s something for every pet parent. Whether you have a senior pet, an anxious cat or a dog with death breath!

And we've even integrated with Shopify to make your online experience even better.

You can get your paws on our brand-new products and explore our new range below.

Fetch Pet Care Products and Supplements

2. New Look



We’ve upgraded our packaging! With our brand-new branded tubs, it’s easier than ever to spot our products. 

This way, you can have full confidence knowing that anything you buy from Buddy has been approved by real vets. 

To keep everything in tip top condition and make them easier to store, we've packaged our products in handy compact tubs. 

This also allows our supplements to stay fresh and potent. And as part of our mission to reduce our carbon footprint and help protect the planet, our tubs are also recyclable!

What's more, each one comes complete with a cute cat and darling doggo on the label to brighten your day! What more could you ask for?!

Oh, free delivery did we hear you say? Go on then, you can have that too! 

3. Partner Pals



We’re not just helping pet parents; we’re supporting small businesses now too! 

As a start-up, we recognise the importance of making savings where you can. Especially with the cost of living going through the woof! 

If you run a local groomers or other small pet care business, you can now join our mission to keep pets healthy and happy! 

By becoming one of our partner pals, you'll have exclusive access to our products in bulk at rebarkably competitive prices. 

Our pawtners also get full access to our registered veterinary nurses who can be made available for dedicated sessions or instant responses via live chat.  

Being our Buddy also means we’ll work with you to showcase your business and promote good pet care practices together! .

You’ll also have access to our huge pack of partners who can bark from the wooftops about your good work too.

If you want to partner up or have any questions, visit here and complete the quick form. 

Become a Partner Pal

Why Buddy? 


Taking a proactive approach to pet care means you have a better chance of staying ahead of health risks and staying out of the vets.

That’s why we give you everything you need to keep your buddy healthy and happy.  

We pair our products with a free online vet nurse consultation service so you have full support from a professional.  

This way, you can ask a real expert any time you have a concern about your pet, instead of relying on unreliable information on the internet. 

Whether you need help picking the right product or supplement or you have a general question about your pet’s health.

Book Your Free Consultation 

If you need immediate support our live chat puts you in touch with a qualified vet nurse instantly. 

Our team is available 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Just look for the link in the footer or connect now here

If you’re a bit old school and prefer to get in touch the traditional way, email us anytime here.

There’s no question too big or small and we’re always happy to help! Just drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as.

Get In Touch

Ask a Registered Vet Nurse

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