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Tips to keep your dog's joints healthy this winter

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Your pooch might be healthy and happy in summer time when it’s warm, but this can change when the cold weather hits!  

Winter is coming and it can be tough on a dog’s joints, especially for dogs that are senior or afflicted by arthritis.  

The lower air pressure and colder temperatures can lead to joint swelling and inflammation. 

Our buddies are usually less active this time of year too, which can cause joints to become stiff and painful.  

Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do from home to keep your dog's joints healthy all year round.

Keep reading to see our vet teams top tips on how you can protect your dog’s joints during winter time and beyond.

Help Your Dog Maintain a Healthy Weight


Let’s face it, it’s much easier for your pooch to pack on the pounds during the colder months. Heck, same goes for us humans as well! 

But this extra weight, can put a huge strain on your dog’s musculoskeletal system, leading to joint degeneration and painful conditions like osteoarthritis. 

You can prevent this by feeding your dog a well-balanced and high-quality diet that includes all of the proper nutrients.  

This will allow your dog's body to function at its very best and will help prevent excess weight gain year-round.  

If your dog is already overweight, a calorie-restricted, low-fat diet will help get them back and stay in shape.  

Book a free consult with one of our vet nurses if you need help with diet plans and exercise routines.  

Our professionals can create personalised health plans to support your dog’s weight loss journey taking into account needs and lifestyle. 

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Exercise Regularly


Sticking to a regular exercise regime is one of the best ways to keep your dog's joints healthy during winter. 

Make sure you walk, run and play with your pup every day, even when it’s cold outside!  

If your dog suffers from joint issues like hip dysplasia or arthritis, it’s especially important to keep them active.  

Just make sure to take things slow, and give your buddy frequent breaks. 

Remember our doggos are eager to please and often don’t know their limits, so be mindful not to overdo it! 

If you’re unsure how often to exercise your dog each day, talk to our vet nurse or your vet for advice. 

We can also recommend what kinds of exercises are best for your pup based on their age and overall health.  

Remember, poor diet and a lack of exercise can lead to weight gain in dogs, which, in turn, can cause joint problems! 


Give Your Dog Functional Joint Supplements 


There are a number of functional joint supplements available for dogs that can help protect your pup’s joints from damage done by cold weather.  

Supplements that contain active ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin are great for supporting and managing joints! 

Glucosamine is an amino sugar that helps maintain cartilage health, which is critical to healthy joints. Chondroitin sulfate works by slowing down the absorption and breakdown of cartilage molecules, helping to support joint structure.  

Giving your dog functional joint supplements that contain these key ingredients can help prevent joint degeneration and inflammation. 

That’s why our vet nurses recommend our Joint Care supplements for cats and dogs!

Our Joint supplements are especially beneficial for ageing dogs and those with pre-existing joint conditions like degenerative joint disease. 

However, we recommend giving them to dogs of any age and health status to support and maintain healthy joints.

You can also add an Omega 3 supplement to your daily routine for extra good measure. It contains high levels of EPA and DHA for dogs, which play an important role in the healthy functioning of the brain, heart, joints, skin and coat!

Keep Your Dog Warm 


Since cold weather can make your dog’s joints stiff and painful, be sure to keep them warm and comfy.  

Keep your dog’s bed in a warm and comfortable safe space inside your house and provide them with extra blankets.  

If you’re the pawrent of a senior dog with joint issues, it’s worth investing in a high-quality orthopaedic pet bed that will cushion and support their joints. 

PATBAW & CO are the number 1 orthopaedic pet bed brand and they have styles to suit every cat and dog! 

It’s also a good idea to keep your dog warm and protected on your outdoor adventures by getting some winter gear.  

A padded winter coat or cozy jumper can work wonders for protecting your furry friend’s joints in freezing cold temperatures. 

You might also want to consider non-slip booties which are a great for supporting dogs with mobility issues caused by stiff and painful joints. 

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Add joint supplements into the mix and you can help your pup stay mobile and active this winter and beyond. 

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