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Nutraceuticals for pets - why they're the dogs b*llocks!

Fiona Eldridge
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Well, I certainly hope that got your attention because as a veterinary nurse, I want more pet owners to know why nutraceuticals are so brilliant.

“What on earth are nutraceuticals?” is what you may be mumbling to yourself right now.

Well, don't worry about running to Google to find out! I'm about to tell you with a nice, easy-to-understand (ish) definition below.

The Veterinary Nutraceutical Council describes nutraceuticals as:

“A nondrug substance that is produced in a purified or extracted form and administered orally to provide agents required for normal body structure and function with the intent of improving the health and well-being of animals”.

Simply put, nutraceuticals are supplements you can give your pets for particular health benefits, either daily on a long-term or short-term basis.

These supplements can support skin, heart, joint care and digestive health - the list is endless! And the best part is, they are easily and readily available to everyone!

You don’t have to go to your vet to pick them up because you don’t need a prescription.

In recent years, we have seen more and more of these pet health products pop up in online pet shops and local stores.

And as a loving pet parent, you would be right to ask - are they actually any good?

Naturally, as a vet nurse, many of my consultations involve discussing products that my pet parent clients have seen.

Dog and cat owners often seek my professional and honest advice about which products are best for their beloved pets.
Before I offer any insight, I will always research the ingredients in the product first to determine if it's worth the money and effort.

Because no matter my experience and expertise, it would be impossible to know if ALL these products are safe and reliable. Especially off the top of my head!

I’ve been a registered vet nurse for 24 years now. And at the start of my career, I had never heard of nutraceuticals.

There really wasn’t that much education in the veterinary world about them.

But I have since seen first-hand how they work and can improve our pets' lives, which is why I'm happy they've become so popular in the last decade.


Supplements have become the next big trend, and they seem to be at every turn in person and online.

Even watching Crufts this year, a lot of the advertising was from pet companies offering various supplements. They are everywhere! 

There's been extensive scientific research and development on these products and their benefits compared to when I began my career.

And being the pet-obsessed professional that I am, I now look into all the benefits of different supplements for dogs and cats. 

I’m amazed at the vast list of benefits, not just for pets but for us people too!

That's why I've even started taking some myself. Human ones, of course!

I’m 46 and getting to that stage where I'm starting to feel my age. I recently started walking and exercising more, which has resulted in creaky knees and an achy hip.

After researching Omega 3 supplements, I decided to give them a go. And after only a few weeks, my painful knees and sore hips have vanished.

If you've read some of my blogs before, you'll most likely be familiar with my mini zoo already. It's an occupational hazard. 

My menagerie of pets includes three cats (including my blind boy Prince), two rescue dogs (one bonkers and one nervous), our new addition Wingnut the Dachshund and two little budgies. 

I’ve been using various supplements for a long time now. It’s in my nurse's nature to learn more about the ones that can make your pet parenting journey and life much easier.

I can say hand on heart that Buddycare products do just that. And that isn't just my personal opinion, but my professional one.

The science behind the products is proven to do what it says. I even use some of them for my cats and dogs, and I've seen a world of difference.

Buddycare removes all the confusion from pet care. We've simplified what supplements are, what health issues they can address and which will benefit your dog or cat. 

Plus, when you choose Buddycare, you get the added bonus of being able to book a free video consultation with me or turn to live chat.

I will use this time to learn more about your pets and their lifestyle and create a personalised health plan tailored to you. 

From there, I can advise on the best methods and treatments (if necessary) to support and protect your furry buddy.

We know our new range of nutraceuticals works because the scientific research behind every ingredient is solid.


Our in-house team of veterinary surgeons and myself have hand-picked every product personally. That's why we're happy to use them on our pets and recommend them to other pet parents.

Our vet professionals have developed a variety of supplements including General Care, Skin CareBehavioural SupportDigestive CareDental Healthcare and Joint Care.  

We've developed every product with pet parents in mind so you can effortlessly give them to even the fussiest pets. 

From our scrumptious, salmon-flavoured Calm Care liquid, to our poultry-flavoured Dental Care toothpaste.

I'll spare you the in-depth details about every product and why they're great because we will be here all day.

But the one supplement I do have to put the spotlight on is our Omega Care. It's my number one go-to nutraceutical for my pets at the moment.

There's so much science going into the research for the benefits of Omega 3, and there has been for a long time. 

It’s wonderful that many are becoming more health conscious because there are big perks for humans and pets alike. 

Particularly focusing on anti-inflammatory properties concerning skin, brain, heart and joint health. 

If someone asks me if they need to be giving vitamins to their pet, I will usually answer that if they are receiving a high-quality diet, most of the time, there isn't one!

But as a supplement for a general all-round health boost and to prevent ill health, I 100% recommend the Omegas for countless reasons. 

We don't just expect you to take our word for it either. We encourage you to look into it and do the research also!

So let's take a deep dive into what we can find in our Omega Care

  •  Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) - Long chain essential fatty acids found in anchovies and sardines. These acids are scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and part of that is reducing inflammation and improving the quality of the skin and coat. Omega 3 fatty acids help joints by reducing the amount of pro-inflammatory substances and cartilage-damaging enzymes in the body.  
  • Phosphatidylcholine - Improves brain function and slows cognitive decline, so great for those older pets.  
  • Zinc (As Gluconate) - For good immune system function, cognitive function and healthy skin and coat.  
  • Biotin - Contributes to healthy skin and coat and is essential for digestion, growth and muscle formation.  
  • Vitamin E (Tocopherol Acetate) - A powerful antioxidant that's great for the heart, immune system, muscles, liver, skin and coat. 

We've combined our Omega Care with more compared to most other supplements for extra health-boosting benefits.

Not only do we have the EPA and DHA Omegas, but we've also included these additional ingredients to give maximum effect for the brain, skin, immune system, heart and muscles.

 It really is an exceptional general supplement suitable for cats and dogs of all ages. 

As veterinary professionals, we want to empower pet owners to be proactive with pet care. Because healthy pets spend less time in the vet!

We know that more and more people are realising how important this is. Especially now with the current cost of living crisis.

More pet parents are not only looking into better quality diets for their pets but also at how to keep them fit and healthy. 

Thankfully we have access to wonderful vets and services in the UK but let's be honest, you'd rather not have to spend your hard-earned cash going to the vets! 

Not only does it drain your pockets but it's also mentally draining when your pet is ill and you're sick with worry.

Sometimes we must do what's best for our furry buddies and make use of our lovely local vets for our pets. 

But if there are ways to help keep pets healthy from home and save a bit of change, then it's a win-win for everybody. 

We aren’t asking you to go it alone and make these decisions. We want more pet owners to turn to real professionals instead of unreliable and unsafe information on the internet.

That's why Buddycare gives you everything you need to take control of your pet's health from home.

You can speak with me or another veterinary professional for pet health advice any time you need it. 

If you need an answer instantly, you can connect with me on live chat here whenever you want. 

Alternatively, if you have a specific issue and would prefer more support, you can book a free online vet nurse consultation

At a time that suits you, on the go, or from the comfort of your couch.

Whether it's a general question about fleas, diet, exercise or getting a new puppy or just advice on a product.

Usually, there is a nutraceutical out there with your pet's name on it and I promise you, it could change their life for the better.  

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