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If you are looking to avoid unnecessary deworming of your pet, then this product is the answer. Not only does it help ensure your pet's long term health, but it also saves pet parents money too, as this is a great way to know if you actually need to use a dewormer or not!

Please feel free to open up a live chat, or book a free vet nurse consultation with myself, to discuss how often you should be conducting a worm egg count test. During our chat I can also give you advice on using deworming medication, which naturally varies from pet to pet depending on a variety of things, like if they are regularly flea treated, if they are raw fed, if your dog is a hunter etc. 


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Fiona Eldridge
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Fiona Eldridge
Hi! I'm Fiona, Buddycare's lead Veterinary Nurse and I'm here to answer all of your pet related questions dog and cat emoji
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