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Just like our advice, our health plans are simple, they promote wellbeing, prevent illness and protect your pet & pocket!

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My dog

Insurance worth wagging your tail about is on the way!

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My cat

Purrrfect insurance coming soon!

"I have had a marvellous experience with Buddycare, especially with Fiona. She has helped with our rather large fur baby, and as a result she is now much slimmer. We couldn't have done it without Buddycare and Fiona!"

Allyson E.

"I took a free nurse consult with Buddycare, and explained our little dog had some lumps on his body. Fiona recommended changing his food, and within a few weeks his lumps had gone! These little changes have improved our dog's health!


"The nurse consultation service with Fiona is extremely informative. Following the consult I received an email detailing what had been said. This is an absolutely excellent service to have as it covers everything, and is all for free!"


"Fiona is super friendly and beyond helpful. I highly recommend this service to everyone and anyone. Super easy, super quick appointments, amazing reassurance and help for your little furbabies. Thanks so much Fiona and Buddycare."


"I’ve had a couple of appts with Fiona to help one of our retired greyhounds to gain weight. Greyhounds have very sensitive stomachs and Fiona gave great guidance about this. We have regular reviews which is really helpful. Thank you Buddycare!"


Our health plans

empower pet parents!

As veterinary professionals, we know that prevention is better than cure. And that's exactly why we came up with a pet protection solution that's affordable for all. 

Instead of your typical off the shelf products, our Buddy health plans have been put together by vets and nurses who understand more than most the unconditional bond between pet and owner. 

Available at a range or price points to match you budget, and with free UK postage, easy sign up, pausing, and cancellation, our health plans can be managed to suit your needs.

Coupled with all the free support and advice you need to keep your pet healthy and happy via out live chat, and free telemedicine consults, we're here to help you give your pet the best life possible.

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Just a few of our frequently asked questions

What is Buddycare?

We're a pet health plan provider built by a couple of vets with a love of all things fluffy. We empower pet parents in creating the best life possible for their furbaby's through preventive care, education, and Vet Nurse approved products.

What are Buddy health plans?

Buddy health plans are a selection of hand picked products and bundles containing veterinary-approved items that can prevent ill-health and even predict disease. Available as either yearly, quarterly, or monthly plans, we ensure that our items are affordable to everyday pet parents. 

How much does postage cost on Buddy health plans?

In addition to your products arriving just when you need them, Buddycare also covers all postage costs, meaning you will not pay any delivery fees on our health plans. 

My pet is poorly, can you help!?

You should see your vet right away if your pet is ill, as we cannot diagnose or treat sick pets. Our free online consultations can help you stay a step ahead of health risks and prevent any illness. This way, you can avoid emergency trips to the vets altogether! Our registered vet nurses (RVNs) are here to support your pets full life journey and get to know your pet. Regular consultations make it easier for us to identify any issues before they get ill.

What can your vet nurses help me with?

Our registered vet nurses have decades of experience in practices all over the world. They can support with weight management (loss/gain) parasites, dental care, nutrition, exercise, separation anxiety, health and wellness and more!

When will your insurance be ready?

Our insurance cover is right around the corner! We're just purrfecting our policies right now. Register here for updates and we'll give you a boop when everything is ready.

What animals will you cover when your pet insurance is ready?

Just cats and dogs!

What does the Buddycare insurance policy cover?

Buddycare cover will protect you against the big one-off vet bills, if catastrophe strikes. If your pet is in need of emergency care, is hospitalised, or requires end of life treatment - Buddycare has your back!

Be the first to know when you can insure your pet with Buddy!

We understand that being a pet parent is expensive, but one thing it shouldn't cost you is peace of mind, and our insurance reflects this!

Fiona Eldridge
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Fiona Eldridge
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